From behind. The Union Oyster House sign. The oldest restaurant in America. 1826 by adamnco http://ift.tt/1tkoEKm
From Rags To Riches To Rags for The New York Times, in newstands on Sunday. by olimpiazagnoli http://ift.tt/1phxQQ0
#jazzpersand. I’ll be selling records tonight at the vinyl exhibition at the Oakland Art museum. by grainedit http://ift.tt/1phxSaR
One of the best parts about being an artist is trading with friends. Just received this lovely painting by artist Evan Hecox. It’s a saying that my grandfather said to my grandmother in letter correspondence during the war, ‘If Winter comes, then Spring can’t be far away’. It was code he was coming home. Thank you Evan! #evanhecox by andrewpaynter http://ift.tt/1jezsBs
point of entry study by timlahan http://ift.tt/1jezskV
Educación  intercultural bilingüe by luebert http://ift.tt/1jdBdQG
Gigantes! by luebert http://ift.tt/1gQ11UI
Studio #hellomonsters by jer_hellomonsters http://ift.tt/1qUauxh
Happy Easter.  Here’s a pig eating a popsicle. by taxali http://ift.tt/1qUawFx
Happy Friday everyone! 🍻 #drinks #friday #type #lettering #brush #goodtype #illustration #art #drawing #instaart #painting #letters by llewmejia http://ift.tt/RuLh0u